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Edith Ellen Bowlby files

Series consists of the records of Edith Ellen (Adams) Bowlby (1864-1931), who attended Wesleyan Ladies' College as both a student and a teacher. Series includes photographs (featuring unidentified students of Wesleyan), studentship cards, an...

Goodale Transport Limited

File consists of photographs of staff and vehicles from Goodale Transport. Once located at 72 Napier Street and under the administration of president Edward Goodale, Goodale Transport originated with one truck in 1921 when Arthur Edward Goodale dr...

War Service records

Series consists of an honour roll, a commemorative volume containing information about relatives of members of the Betram Hooper/ Wentworth Chapter who served in the Canadian military. Records include the following information about military perso...

Local History & Archives' photographic prints

Series consists of photographic prints made from negatives in the Superior Engravers collection for the Hamilton Public Library, Local History and Archives department. Series contains images of equipment, vehicles, buildings, products, displays an...

Legal Records

Series consists of textual documents of a legal nature, including property records, power of attorney records, estate papers, client files, marriage contracts, and cemetery deeds and burial plot payment receipts.

Marriage Contracts

Subseries consists of a marriage contract between Captain William Logie and Anne Smith, who wed in Edinburgh, Scotland on March 8th, 1822.

Logie Papers

The subfonds consists of textual records pertaining mostly to Alexander Logie and his law practice, arranged in the following series: Business transaction records, legal records, correspondence, household account books, maps and genealogical records

Logie, Alexander

Logie-McQuesten papers

  • CA ON00131 00005
  • Fonds
  • 1822-1948

Fonds consists of textual records relating predominantly to William Logie (1782-1853) and his son, Alexander Logie (1823-1873), Dr. Calvin McQuesten (1801-1885) an iron founder and manufacturer, and his son, lawyer Isaac Baldwin McQuesten (1847-18...

Logie, Alexander

Property Records

Subseries consists of land ownership materials, including land grants and deeds, records documenting the transfer of land ownership, such as an indenture between George Hamilton and David Farley regarding land in Hamilton, and land grants for the ...

Legal Records

Series consists of documents of a legal nature including, property records, power of attorney records, estate papers, court documents and client files.

Bruce Family fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1832-1927

The fonds consists of papers, sketches, drawings, and photographs associated with William Bruce and his son William Blair Bruce. Series one is William Bruce and series two is William Blair Bruce.

McQuesten papers

Subfonds consists of textual records mostly pertaining to Dr. Calvin McQuesten and his son, lawyer Isaac Baldwin McQuesten, arranged in the following series: business transactions, legal records and correspondence.

McQuesten, Isaac

Property Records

Subseries consists of property records including, land grants and deeds, leases, searches for lot title deeds, land lots, and releases of liens on land.


Series consists of correspondence from various locales in Ontario, such as Lindsay, Port Hope, London, Kingston, Peterborough, Glasgow, West Flamborough, Elora, Toronto, and Hamilton, predominantly regarding the sale of land and mortgage payments....

Business Transaction Records

Series consists of records pertaining to business transactions, including mortgage documents, release of trusts and trustees, promissory notes, investment statements, cash statements, receipts and an agreement regarding apprenticeship.

Captain James Sutherland fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1834-1841

The material consists of a cash book including receipts and disbursements for the steamboat Queenston, dated February 5, 1834 to November 28 1834, and for the steamboat Niagara, dated April 6, 1839 to December 23, 1841.

Sutherland, James (Captain)

Business Transaction Records

Series consists of records pertaining to business transactions, including mortgage documents, a debenture register containing debentures issued by the Township of Barton to various individuals and organizations, promissory notes, receipts and stat...

Client Files

Subseries consists of documentation for two clients of Alexander Logie; Donald Frederick Campbell of Brampton, Ontario, and Sir John A. MacDonald of Kingston, Ontario. The documentation for Donald F. Campbell includes receipts and correspondence ...

Genealogical Records

Series consists of birth, death, and marriage information for the Barclay and Smith families, and includes a lament by Anne Logie on the death of her infant daughter, Barbara.


Series consist of one hand-drawn map of Italy that was drawn by Alexander Logie.

Court Documents

Subseries consists of a court document related to a case from the State of New Hampshire, USA in the names of Edward Lerned versus Calvin McQuesten. This subseries also includes documentation from the Provincial Secretary's Office regarding ...

Power of Attorney Records

Subseries consists of power of attorney records granting Calvin McQuesten power of attorney for William Ormiston, as well as granting Isaac Baldwin McQuesten power of attorney for Calvin McQuesten, Stephen Payson Sawyer, Thomas Craigie, Frank Sawy...

Hamilton Orphan Asylum fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1848-1914

The fonds consists of 4 volumes of records pertaining to the Hamilton Orphan Asylum, including 3 volumes of Registers of Names, dated 1848 to 1869, 1848 to 1886, and 1874 to 1914, as well as a volume entitled, Record of Orphan’s Apprenticeships, d...

Hamilton Orphan Asylum

Power of Attorney Records

Subseries consists of power of attorney records granting Alexander Logie the power of attorney for Jane H. Logie, Sir Allan Napier MacNab, Alexander Campbell and Margaret Glen Rae Grome.

Estate Papers

Subseries consists of records pertaining to the estates of Alexander Logie and William Logie, including the last will and testament of William Logie, the last will and testament of Anne Logie, as well as records related to the receipt of an inheri...

Grafton & Co. Ltd.

  • Fonds
  • 1853 - 1976

The fonds consists of correspondence concerning the 90th anniversary of the company regarding the draft history entitled "1853 -- 90 Years of Progress -- 1943" pertaining to Grafton & Co. Ltd. office in Dundas. In addition there is ...

Grafton & Co. Ltd.

Head-of-the-Lake Historical Society fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1854-2010

The fonds consists of predominantly textual and graphic materials pertaining to the organization’s exploration, preservation and promotion of local Hamilton history, restoration projects, events, promotional materials and publications. The fonds ...

Head-of-the-Lake Historical Society


Series consists of correspondence including a letter of resignation from Calvin McQuesten to the President and Directors of the Gore Bank, letters acknowledging receipts of payments, as well as a thank you letter addressed to Isaac Baldwin McQuest...

Thomas McIlwraith fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1860-1899

The fonds consists of two original draft manuscripts written by Thomas McIlwraith, the "Birds of Ontario" and the "Birds Observed in the Vicinity of Hamilton," as well as business postcards from Thomas McIlwraith's merchan...

McIlwraith, Thomas G.

Book Manuscripts

Series consists of two original draft manuscripts written by Thomas McIlwraith. The first manuscript is for the "Birds of Ontario" [n.d.], which is a concise account of every species of bird known to have been found in Ontario, along wit...

Wesleyan Ladies' College fonds

  • CA ON00131 00079
  • Fonds
  • 1861-1965

Fonds consists of textual records including written correspondence, graduation and commencement programs, examination questions and essays, diplomas, course catalogues, periodicals, as well as Alumnae Association records, such as annual reports an...

Waldon, Freda F.

Hamilton Cricket Club fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1862-2003

The material in the fonds consists of bylaws, constitution documents, correspondence, newspaper articles, minute books, and ephemera of the Hamilton Cricket Club.Materials in this fonds is organized into the following series:Series 01 – Archival M...

Hamilton Cricket Club

Meeting Minutes and Scrapbooks

This series contains bound books of the Hamilton Cricket Club. Bound books include materials such as newspaper clippings, memo, meeting minutes and rosters. This series also contains loose papers and materials related Hamilton Cricket Club meeting...

Course Catalogues

Series consists of annual catalogues for Wesleyan Ladies' College, which contain lists of courses offered, faculty members, graduates and current students, as well as information about fees, student and alumnae associations, etc.

Client Files

Subseries consists of legal documents relating to two family estates; the Grierson family estate and the estate of Mary Wallace. Documents in the Grierson file include correspondence and estate papers such as deeds, mortgage sales and payments, p...

Clippings and Ephemera

This series contains ephemera and loose newspaper clippings related to the Hamilton Cricket Club. For preservation purposes, most material is encapsulated.

Alumnae Association files

Series contains materials related to the Alumnae Association, including constitution, bylaws, and rules of order (1877) ; annual reports ; lectures and programs ; invitations to at-homes, levees and receptions ; Literary Club materials ; Membershi...

Alumnae Association of the Wesleyan Ladies' College

E.H. Rutherford

Wooden schooner sailing ship measuring 143 x 25 x 10 feet, built in Port Dalhousie, Ontario in 1869 by William H. Andrews. The vessel was re-built in St. Catharines, Ontario in 1881 by Joseph Shickluna. There is little information pertaining to ...

Household Account Books

Series consists of an account book listing an inventory of household furniture and goods owned by A. Logie, as well as a ledger, identified as a farm book, documenting transactions throughout the year.

Ship Registration Records

Series consists of ship registration records pertaining to 34 vessels that sailed through the Port of Hamilton. The documents include builder’s certificates and ship surveys describing the size, type, dimensions and means of propulsion for each ve...

Registrar of Shipping fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1869-1962

The fonds consists of one series of ship registration records compiled by the Registrar of Shipping, Hamilton, Ontario. The series includes file level descriptions for 34 vessels that sailed through the Port of Hamilton.ᅠ

Canada. Registrar of Shipping (Hamilton, Ontario)


Wooden-hulled, screw (propeller) steamer vessel measuring 142 x 23 x 13 feet, 408 tonnage, built in Hamilton, Ontario in 1872 by Archibald Miller Robertson. The Canada was a passenger and freight ship that operated between Montreal and Chicago fr...

Lake Michigan

Screw (propeller) steamer built in St. Catharines, Ontario in 1872 by Melanchthon Simpson. There is little information pertaining to the ship and its voyage history. The file contains registration records and ownership certificates, a surveyor’s...

Graduation and commencement programs

Series contains graduation and commencement programs for Wesleyan Ladies College, arranged chronologically into files for closing exercises, graduation exercises and commencement exercises.

Estate Papers

Subseries consists of records pertaining to the estates of Calvin McQuesten and Isaac Baldwin McQuesten, including statements of assets, liabilities, life and property insurance.


Series consists of one Holy Bible, which contains details about the Van Sickle family of Lynden; and two pocket-sized prayer books, containing select readings from the BIble.

Concerts and entertainment materials

Series includes materials related to concerts and entertainment at Wesleyan Ladies' College, often in partnership with the Conservatory of Music, such as concert tickets and programs, invitations to conversaziones and at-homes, and announceme...

George Webb fonds

  • CA ON00131 01038
  • Fonds
  • 1876-1942

The fonds consists of bibles, prayer books, contracts, and Webb's personal diaries, which contain information about his life and work. The fonds is arranged in three series: Bibles, Contacts, and Diaries.

Webb, George Frederick

Business Postcards

Series consists of a box of penny postcards from McIlwraith's merchant coal business. The postcards detail messages regarding his business affairs.


Series consists of issues of The Portfolio, the periodical of Wesleyan Ladies' College. The Portfolio was produced by Wesleyan students in the Senior and Junior Literary Societies, with contributions from alumnae. Series includes a bound edit...

Cataract (formerly the Myles)

Screw (propeller) steamer vessel measuring 179 x 33 x 15 feet, 800 tonnage, built in Hamilton, Ontario in 1882 by Archibald Miller Robertson for Thomas Myles and Son, Coal Company Merchants. The vessel was a cargo ship that sunk in 1886 and was r...

Two water colour sketches

The image on the left is titled by the artist “Original sketch in burnt umber on the Marsh” (presumably the Dundas Marsh) and is dated 1883. The image on the right is titled “Original sketch on the St. Lawrence near Brockville in Indigo” dated 1882.

Bird Records

Series consists of detailed observations and daily journal records of birds and their nesting patterns in Hamilton, Ontario. The data was predominantly collected and recorded by Hamilton ornithologists Thomas McIlwraith (1824-1903), and George W....

Two water colour scenes.

The left image is titled by artist “Original sketch in Indian Red” dated 1883 and the image on the right is titled “Original sketch in Hookers Green.”

Two water colour scenes of boat in water

The one on the left is titled by the artist “Original sketch in Lamp Black of Burlington Bay” and has an artist note “time 15 minutes” and the image on the right is titled “Original sketch in Bistre, Burlington Bay” and is dated 1883.


Written by William Blair Bruce around 1886 proposing an art union.


Letter written by William Blair Bruce on Sept 30, 1886 about paying visitors to support an art union.


Screw (propeller) yacht steamer built in 1886 in Hamilton, Ontario by Thomas Reid. There is little information pertaining to this vessel and its voyage history. The file contains a builder’s certificate, a certificate of survey, several ownershi...


Screw (propeller) pleasure steamer measuring 105 x 20 feet, 150 tonnage, built in Toronto, Ontario in 1884 by Melanchthon Simpson for the Hamilton Steamboat Company Limited. The Mazeppa was a passenger boat that served the area around Hamilton Ba...

White Wings

Sailing ship measuring 40 x 15 x 6 feet, 22 tonnage, built in 1886 in Trenton, Ontario by A. Cuthbert. There is little information pertaining to this vessel and its voyage history. The file contains ownership, transfer and registration documents...


Series contains 32 personal diaries: one dated 1888-1892, and one for each year from 1912 to 1942. The diaries detail Webb's daily life, and contain both personal and work-related information. Some diaries include newspaper clippings, such as...


Twin screw (propeller) steel steamer built in Glasgow, Scotland in 1888 by William Hamilton & Company. The boat was brought over and used as a pleasure cruise carrying about 114 passengers between Hamilton and Burlington, as well as Hamilton ...

Copy of Mutual Will and Testament

Translated copy of Mutual Will and Testament of William Blair Bruce and his wife Carolina Maria Bruce, nee Benedicks. Written December 10, 1888.

Hamilton Business College fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1888-1901

Material consists of a Hamilton Business College Register of Students, dated October 1888 to May 1901. The register records the names and addresses of the students, and their choice of course to enroll in, [business, shorthand or spec?]. Later e...

Hamilton Business College


Screw (propeller) steamer built in Yoker, Scotland in 1889 by Napier, Shanks and Bell. From 1889 to 1927 the Modjeska was operated by the Hamilton Steamship Lines as a freight and passenger ship between Hamilton and Toronto, including moonlight e...

Lillie Hardy files

Series contains documentation, primarily correspondence addressed to Miss Hardy, Secretary of the Wesleyan Ladies' College Alumnae, pertaining to courses, essays, and alumnae activities. Much of the correspondence is conducted with Pastor J.H...

Rose and Annie Barker files

Series contains documentation of the lives of sisters Rose Barker (1867-1944) and Annie Barker and of their time at Wesleyan Ladies' College. Rose received her degree in 1893, and Annie received a certificate in music that same year. Series i...


Screw (propeller) yacht steamer measuring 68 x 10 x 3 feet, 29 tonnage, built in Toronto, Ontario in 1890 by Polson Iron Works for William Eli Sanford, a prominent Hamilton politician and businessman. There is little information pertaining to the...

Family Records

Series consists of one file folder containing a newspaper obituary for Julia Arthur, along with a letter written by Miss Flora F. Tobin, niece of Julia Arthur, to the Hamilton, Ontario City Clerk Office in regards to obtaining a birth registration...

Lewis Family fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1891-1950

Fonds consists of predominantly graphic materials including family photographs and professional photographs of theatre actress Julia Arthur, as well as a few textual documents pertaining to family records. The fonds consists of 2 series including...

Lewis Family

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