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Renovations prior to the opening of Arliss Shoe Store 1948



  • 1948 (Creación)
    Superior Engravers


Item is a photograph of the renovations to the building at 55-57-59 King Street East prior to its re-opening as Arliss Shoe Store in 1948. It had previously housed the R. McKay & Company dry goods store from 1903 to 1913, when the original building burned down. A new building was constructed, and in 1922 it was purchased by the Steel Stores, limited, an American organization who opened a retail store on the site for a short period of time. The building was subsequently divided and rented to several tenants including a restaurant, a bowling alley and several stores. In 1940, it was announced that the building had been acquired by the Adams Furniture Company of Toronto for $200,000. An article in the Spectator on August 15, 1941 announced the upcoming opening of Adams' Credit Departmental Store. They described the renovations of the building in glowing terms and in particular noted that in the centre of the ground floor there was an island display window which was cylindrical in shape and revolved slowly so that the wares displayed could be seen from every angle. It was stated that it was the largest revolving window in Canada. They were not in business long as the building was acquired by Arliss Shoe Store, which opened on the site May 29, 1948. "The new Arliss Shoe Store is now a Department Shoe Store. Dress shoes occupy the entire main floor. The men's department has been doubled and given a secluded spot where men can now shop conveniently away from the women's section. The men also have a new hosiery department."




photographic print; b&w; 24 x 19 cm


Hamilton -- Companies -- Adam's Furniture Co. Black Mount Collection. Local History & Archives. Hamilton Public Library

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