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Gristmill in Jordan

Caption: "Oldest Grist Mill - Standing beside Ball's Falls, this is believed to be the oldest grist mill remaining in the Niagara peninsula. Operated until 1912, it was built about 115 years ago. This brick chimney was blown down since t...

Murdoch, Bruce, 1895-1966

Lovely Old Home

Caption: "Lovely Old Home - This is the Ball homestead, at Ball's Falls, on the escarpment just south of Jordan. It is now owned and occupied by C. M. Ball. A company of British soldiers was stationed at Ball's Falls during the War ...

Murdoch, Bruce, 1895-1966

Church of Christ at Jordan

Caption: "New Church - This is the Church of Christ, at Jordan, opened in January of this year. The congregation has been established well over a century. Much of the building work was done by volunteer work of the members."

Murdoch, Bruce, 1895-1966

Upper Ball's Falls at Jordan

Caption: "Jordan Beauty Spot - This is the upper Ball's Falls on the Twenty Creek a short distance south of Jordan village. About one-quarter mile to the north is the lower Ball's Falls where the water plunges over an 80-foot cliff ...

Murdoch, Bruce, 1895-1966

Hobbs Glass Limited

File consists of images of the "Kitchen of Tomorrow" Eaton's display for Hobbs Glass Limited, which was located at 51-53 John Street South.

Mac's Garage Ltd.

Item is an image of a photo of a tow truck belonging to Mac's Garage located at 1068-1072 Barton Street East.

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Hamilton - Exhibitions - Industrial Fair, 1949

Item is a photograph of the "Remington Rand" booth at Hamilton's 1949 Industrial Fair, held at the armouries. This four-day event was a non-profit fair organized by the Hamilton Junior Chamber of Commerce. It was held in the local...

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Wright Fruit Company

File consists of photographs of Wright Fruit Company, established in April 1927 by chief shareholders, Solomon Wright and Percy Wright. Wright Fruit Company carried on a wholesale and commission business originally from 25 York Street, with other ...

Wright Fruit Company

Item is a photograph of a cooling machine outside the door to a cooling compartment at the Wright Fruit Company storage facility.

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Meakins & Sons Limited

Item is a photograph of a display of paint brushes manufactured by Meakins & Sons Limited.

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Life Savers & Beech-Nut Sale Company Limited

File consists of photographs of vehicles from Life Savers & Beech-Nut Sale Company Limited, located at 225 Sanford Ave S. Life Savers Limited first operated in Canada at Prescott, Ontario, in 1916. In 1932, Life Savers bought out the Beech-Nu...

Lloyd's Glass Co.

Item is an image of a street view of Lloyd's Glass Company, 380 King Street East.

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Shoe Clinic Ltd.

Item is a photograph of the storefront of the Shoe Clinic Ltd. at 55 King Street East.

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Hamilton Signs

Item is a photograph of a Russell T. Kelley blossom float and sign from Hamilton Signs, 211 Main Street East.

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William B. Neilson Ltd.

Item is an image of William Neilson Limited ice cream trucks at 987 King Street East, circa 1946.

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Taits Optometrists, Ltd.

Item is a photograph of a room in Taits Optometrists, Ltd., 44 James Street North, office of Dr. Joseph George Tait (-1963).

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Superior Engravers Limited

Item is an image from Superior Engravers used in the production of etchings for printing posters or newspaper and magazine advertisements.

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Series contains The Iroquoia Bruce Trail Club Volunteer of the Year award plaque for 1999 and a plaque from The Bruce Trail Association recognizing The Iroquoia Bruce Trail Club as Trustee of the Escarpment. Series also consists of two Club badge...


Series consists of photographs of annual meetings of the Municipal Chapter, the 100th Anniversary Luncheon, annual meetings of the Toronto Municipal Chapter and the Provincial Chapter of Ontario, photographs of various Holbrook Public School outin...


Series consists of scrapbooks, which contain newspaper clippings, photographs, letters, invitations and other material pertaining to the activities of the Municipal Chapter. The scrapbook for 1901-1996 includes a photograph of Fonthill (168 Jackso...

Books and pamphlets

Series consists a bible, and various books and pamphlets, including informational pamphlets about flag anniversaries and commemorative flag-raising; souvenir and commemorative pamphlets; a catalogue of photograph and painting reproductions offered...

War Service records

Series consists of an honour roll, commemorative volume containing information about relatives of members of the St. Elizabeth Chapter who served in the Canadian military during Word War I (1914-1918). Records include the following information abo...


Series consists of handwritten letters addressed to Mrs. Victor Ross, President of the Hospital Committee of the Paardeburg Chapter, expressing gratitude for the chapter's contributions to hospitals.


Series consists of scrapbooks, which contain photographs, letters, newspaper clippings and other material, documenting the activities of the Paardeburg Chapter. Series includes a scrapbook containing information about parcels sent by the chapter t...

Ship records

Series consists of the records of the convenor of the H.M.C.S. Suderoy VI (1944). The chapter adopted this ship, which was a minesweeper during the war, and sent shipments to the crew during the year. There is a list of crew members with their age...


Series consists of scrapbooks, the contents of which include newspaper clippings, photographs, letters, and other material pertaining to the activities of the General Allenby Chapter. The scrapbook for 1935-1948 includes articles from 1919 and 192...

War Service records

Series consists of an honour roll, a commemorative volume containing information about relatives of members of the Betram Hooper/ Wentworth Chapter who served in the Canadian military. Records include the following information about military perso...


Series consists of correspondence regarding the chapter's educational work with local schools, donations to schools, and bestowal of awards to students, including the W. Eileen Kerr Award given annually to the student who has achieved the hig...

Artistic Directors

Subseries consists of photographs, negatives and a contact sheet of artistic directors in the arts, film and television industries, including Peter Mandia and Bruce McDonald.


Subseries consists of a photograph and negatives of authors Bernadette Rule, John Terpstra and Steven Toth.


Subseries contains a photograph and negatives of the law office of Timely Disclosure.


Series consists of one Holy Bible, which contains details about the Van Sickle family of Lynden; and two pocket-sized prayer books, containing select readings from the BIble.


Series contains 32 personal diaries: one dated 1888-1892, and one for each year from 1912 to 1942. The diaries detail Webb's daily life, and contain both personal and work-related information. Some diaries include newspaper clippings, such as...

Mrs. W.S. Dingman

File consists of correspondence between Waldon and Margaret (Mrs. W.S.) Dingman, of Toronto, regarding pupils at the College.

Col. G.W.F. Johnston

File consists of correspondence between Waldon and Colonel G.W.F. Johnston of Montreal, Quebec about his mother, Jennie M. Beynon.

Mr. Douglas G. Townsend

File consists of correspondence between Waldon and Douglas G. Townsend, of Hamilton, regarding Mary Harriet Townsend. File includes newspaper clipping on the same subject.

Mrs. E.N. Wright

File includes a letter from Waldon to Mrs. Wright, of Port Arthur, inquiring as to whether she has any material on Wesleyan Ladies' College.

Graduation and commencement programs

Series contains graduation and commencement programs for Wesleyan Ladies College, arranged chronologically into files for closing exercises, graduation exercises and commencement exercises.

Literary Club files

Series consists of pamphlets containing program schedules for the Literary Club in connection with the Wesleyan Ladies' College.

Alumnae Association of the Wesleyan Ladies' College

Julia Arthur

Subseries consists of various photographs of actress Julia Arthur posing in costume, acting on stage, as well as engaging in activities such as reading.


Series consists of letters written by Robert Lawrence to his wife, Marion, while he was stationed overseas during the Second World War, and when he was employed as a travelling salesman throughout Southern Ontario. Marion began corresponding with...

Family Records

Series consists of obituaries for Robert and Marion, two photographs, as well as two newspaper clippings, one referring to their marriage, the other about Robert receiving his high school diploma 60 years after he graduated.

Postcard Collection

  • CA ON00131 HPL_PC
  • Colección
  • 1900s-2000s

The Postcard Collection is an artificial collection consisting of over 800 postcards documenting the City of Hamilton and surrounding areas. The collection has been arranged by subjects into 32 series: Advertising, Aldershot, Ancaster, Bartonville...


Series consists of incoming and outgoing correspondence between the Society and other historical societies and organizations, funding agencies, levels of government, as well as the general public. The series also includes public reference request...

Financial Records

Series consists of records relating to the incorporation of the Society, applications for heritage grant funding, annual financial statements, cash books and a record book of paid membership fees.

Publications and Publicity

Series consists of draft submissions of the Society’s publication the “Tower”, a list of poets that were published in the “Tower”, subscription forms for the “Tower” and other Society publications, the TPS newsletter, as well as press releases, an...

Administrative records

Series consists of the minutes and committee reports of the TPS Board, treasurer reports and financial statements, versions of the Society’s constitution, membership lists and samples of the membership form and brochure, as well as the samples of ...

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