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Wright Fruit Company

Item is a photograph of a cooling machine at a Wright Fruit Company storage facility.

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Meakins & Sons Limited 1952

Item is a photograph of a display of painting products by Meakins & Sons Ltd., 125 Wellington Street North.

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Life Savers & Beech-Nut Sales Co. Ltd.

Item is an image of 15 company vehicles on the lawn of Life Savers & Beech-Nut Sale Company Limited, at 225 Sanford Ave S. Models sit atop 3 of the vehicles.

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McLaren Motor Sales Ltd.

Item is a photograph of the showroom at McLaren Motor Sales Limited, 70 John Street North, Hamilton.

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Shoe Clinic Ltd.

Item is a photograph of the interior of the Shoe Clinic Limited at 55 King Street East.

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Sovereign Potters Ltd.

Item is a photograph of Sovereign Potters Limited (1933-1973), located at 282 Sherman Avenue North. Sovereign Potters Limited was formed in 1933 by W. G. Pulkingham and Alfred Etherington with the financial support of a group of local businessmen...

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Dominion Rubber Factory at Port Dalhousie

Caption: "Highway Through A Factory - The Ontario Street Road, one of the village's most heavily travelled streets, runs through the old Dominion Rubber factory, once a hive of industry but now used mostly for storage."

Murdoch, Bruce, 1895-1966

Sisters In Charge Of Post Office

Caption: "Sisters In Charge Of Post Office - Miss Julia Forsyth, left, has been on the staff of the post office at St. George for 46 years. On June 10, of this year, she will have completed her twenty-sixth years as postmistress. For 20 years...

Murdoch, Bruce, 1895-1966

St. Ann's Cemetery

Caption: "St. Ann's Pioneers Rest Here - Burials in the historic old St. Ann's Cemetery date back to 1797, perhaps even earlier than that. One little monument bears this inscription: "In memory of Ann, daughter of John and Char...

Murdoch, Bruce, 1895-1966

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