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Flora Fairchild with her husband and daughter

The material consists of one photograph of Flora (Lewis) Fairchild Tobin holding her daughter Flora Fairchild Tobin with her husband, John William Tobin looking on. Photograph taken by Mr. L. Laurent of Burnham Street, Hartford, Connecticut.

Flora Fairchild with her husband and daughter

The material consists of one photograph of Flora (Lewis) Fairchild Tobin holding her daughter Flora Fairchild Tobin with her husband, John William Tobin looking on. Photograph taken by Mr. L. Laurent of Burnham Street, Hartford, Connecticut.

Flowered border

Along top: pink flowers, along left side: gold flowers, right side: gold flowers, bottom: blue flowers.

G.V. Clancy Limited

File consists of photographs of vehicles and facilities of G. V. Clancy Limited, a broom manufacturing company, which was operated by George V. Clancy and located at 18 Haymarket Street, just south of Beckley Street off John Street South. The manu...

Genealogical Records

Series consists of birth, death, and marriage information for the Barclay and Smith families, and includes a lament by Anne Logie on the death of her infant daughter, Barbara.

General Motors Products of Canada

File consists of a photograph of showroom windows for General Motors Products of Canada, 68-72 John Street North, which are painted with signs for Oldsmobile automobiles, and photographs the interior of the General Motors building situated at Geor...

George Webb fonds

  • CA ON00131 01038
  • Fonds
  • 1876-1942

The fonds consists of bibles, prayer books, contracts, and Webb's personal diaries, which contain information about his life and work. The fonds is arranged in three series: Bibles, Contacts, and Diaries.

Webb, George Frederick

Gillies-Guy Limited

Item is a photograph of a worker filling a Gillies-Guy Fuel Oil truck at the Weaver Coal and Oil Company storage dock at the foot of Victoria Ave. The headquarters for Gillies-Guy was located at 65 James Street South.

Superior Engravers

Glendale Spinning Mills Limited

Item is a photograph of Glendale Spinning Mills, incorporated in 1918, and located on the east side of Glendale Avenue at Primrose Avenue. Glendale Spinning Mills was formed during the first World War by W.A. Holton of Hamilton, F.L. Chipman and E...

Superior Engravers

Goodale Transport Limited

File consists of photographs of staff and vehicles from Goodale Transport. Once located at 72 Napier Street and under the administration of president Edward Goodale, Goodale Transport originated with one truck in 1921 when Arthur Edward Goodale dr...


Series consists of lists of the Board of Governors, by-laws, the organization’s constitution and organizational structure. The series also contains a book of by-laws and lists of stock holders.


Series consists of the organization’s constitution and minutes, as well as correspondence regarding member’s nominations and resignations, and a typed history of the Hamilton Savoyards.

Graduation and commencement programs

Series contains graduation and commencement programs for Wesleyan Ladies College, arranged chronologically into files for closing exercises, graduation exercises and commencement exercises.

Graeme MacKay political sketches

  • CA ON00131 00955
  • Collection
  • 1997-2000

The collection consists primarily of political cartoons drawn by Graeme MacKay for The Hamilton Spectator. Topics covered in the cartoons are wide-ranging, and involve many political issues facing Canada, Ontario and the city of Hamilton. All of t...

MacKay, Graeme

Grafton & Co. Ltd.

  • Fonds
  • 1853 - 1976

The fonds consists of correspondence concerning the 90th anniversary of the company regarding the draft history entitled "1853 -- 90 Years of Progress -- 1943" pertaining to Grafton & Co. Ltd. office in Dundas. In addition there is ...

Grafton & Co. Ltd.


Series consists of Canada Council Exploration Grant funding documents, including the Hamilton Poetry Centre's applications for funding during the 1980s.

Gristmill in Jordan

Caption: "Oldest Grist Mill - Standing beside Ball's Falls, this is believed to be the oldest grist mill remaining in the Niagara peninsula. Operated until 1912, it was built about 115 years ago. This brick chimney was blown down since t...

Murdoch, Bruce, 1895-1966

H.L. Conway.

Photograph prepared for lithography by Walker Studio, Brantford.

Halton EcoFest

Material consists of one coloured photograph of the Halton EcoFest event that took place on April 1, 2005. "Left to right, unknown, Bob Ellison, visitor."

Halton EcoFest

Material consists of one coloured photograph of the Halton EcoFest event that took place on April 1, 2005, featuring Ernie Kuchmeister, the President of the Bruce Trail Association.

Halton EcoFest

Material consists of one coloured photograph of the Halton EcoFest event that took place on April 1, 2005, featuring Chris Gordon (left), and Karen Smith speaking to a prospective member.

Hamilton - Exhibitions - Industrial Fair, 1949

Item is a photograph of the "Remington Rand" booth at Hamilton's 1949 Industrial Fair, held at the armouries. This four-day event was a non-profit fair organized by the Hamilton Junior Chamber of Commerce. It was held in the local...

Superior Engravers

Hamilton Business College fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1888-1901

Material consists of a Hamilton Business College Register of Students, dated October 1888 to May 1901. The register records the names and addresses of the students, and their choice of course to enroll in, [business, shorthand or spec?]. Later e...

Hamilton Business College

Hamilton Civic Museums

Subseries consists of numerous photographs, negatives and a few contact sheets of Hamilton Civic Museums including, Dundurn Castle, Hamilton Children’s Museum, Hamilton Military Museum, Hamilton Museum of Steam and Technology and Whitehern Histori...

Hamilton Cotton Company Limited

  • Fonds

The donation consists of two reports by White, Mossop & Erling Limited Consulting Engineers prepared in 1968 on the proposed specifications of the revisions to power distribution system and alterations to the boiler house for work at the Hamil...

Hamilton Cricket Club fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1862-2003

The material in the fonds consists of bylaws, constitution documents, correspondence, newspaper articles, minute books, and ephemera of the Hamilton Cricket Club.Materials in this fonds is organized into the following series:Series 01 – Archival M...

Hamilton Cricket Club

Hamilton Gay and Lesbian Alliance (HGALA)

In February 1991, the Hamilton United Gay Societies (HUGS) transitioned to the Hamilton Gay and Lesbian Alliance (Hamilton GALA or HGALA). HGALA continued to provide services and information to the LGBTQ+ community and the broader community in Ham...

Hamilton Magazines

Series consists of three magazines, two of which were published by Peter Stevens when he was Photo Editor for Broadway Magazine and The Hammer Magazine. Broadway Magazine (September – October 1993), features a cover photograph taken by Peter Stev...

Hamilton Musical Arts Society

  • CA ON00131 01108
  • Fonds

The fonds consists of administrative records pertaining to the Hamilton Musical Arts Society; in particular, by-laws, minutes, members lists, performance programs, and press releases.

Hamilton Musical Arts Society fonds (01108)

Hamilton Naturalists' Club

  • Fonds
  • 1919-2012

Fonds consists of predominantly textual materials pertaining to the organization’s conservation projects, programming, public education, promotional materials and publications. The fonds contains eleven series and one subseries including, adminis...

Hamilton Naturalists' Club

Hamilton Opera Company

  • 00036
  • Fonds

The fonds consists of records of the Hamilton Opera Company, and includes the following four series: Administrative records, correspondence, production and publicity.

Hamilton Opera Guild

Series consists of correspondence, list of guild members, invitations, and a calendar of events. Guild members included industry professionals and any individuals who sought to represent and support the professional work of opera singers and music...

Hamilton Orphan Asylum fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1848-1914

The fonds consists of 4 volumes of records pertaining to the Hamilton Orphan Asylum, including 3 volumes of Registers of Names, dated 1848 to 1869, 1848 to 1886, and 1874 to 1914, as well as a volume entitled, Record of Orphan’s Apprenticeships, d...

Hamilton Orphan Asylum

Hamilton Poetry Centre fonds

  • CA ON00131 00962
  • Fonds
  • 1967; 1971-1972; 1976-1978; 1980-1997

Fonds consists of predominantly textual documents covering the daily operation and activities of the Hamilton Poetry Centre during the 1980s and 1990s. The fonds also consists of audio cassette tapes of recordings of poetry and author readings, a...

Hamilton Poetry Centre

Hamilton Pride

Series consists of a flyer and pamphlet from Hamilton Pride 1998, press release, and HammerPride 2011 unofficial schedule.

Hamilton Pure Milk Dairies Limited

File consists of photographs of horses and carts from The Pure Milk Company, established in 1901 with John Milne, a manufacturer and politician, as president. Prior to the advent of Pure Milk Company, various small operators handled the distribut...

Hamilton Savoyard Operatic Society fonds

  • 00729
  • Fonds

The fonds consists of the administrative records and production materials of the Hamilton Savoyard Operatic Society. The fonds includes the following 5 series:Series 1: GovernanceSeries 2: Administrative RecordsSeries 3: CorrespondenceSeries 4: Pr...

Hamilton Signs

Item is a photograph of a Russell T. Kelley blossom float and sign from Hamilton Signs, 211 Main Street East.

Superior Engravers

Hamilton United Gay Societies (HUGS)

The Hamilton United Gay Societies (HUGS) was an umbrella organization for 12 sub-organizations established in 1980 and incorporated in 1982. HUGS provided a range of services and information, education and peer counselling, hosted social events, c...

Hamilton-McMaster LGBTQ+ Groups

The Hamilton-McMaster Gay Liberation Movement, the first gay liberation group in Hamilton, was founded by Dr. John Stewart and Susan Rosenthal after a lecture on homosexuality by George Hislop of the Community Homophile Association (CHAT) in Novem...


Steel paddle steamer measuring 143 x 25 x 7 feet, 303 tonnage, built in 1897 in Levis, Quebec by John Lovett Davie. The vessel was originally named the Champion and sailed the St. Lawrence River as a river boat for most of its career. It then ser...

Hammer City Roller Derby fonds

  • Fonds

Donation consists of league programs, posters, hand bills, publicity files, and uniforms of the Hammercity Roller Derby league. The uniforms include a blue shirt from the Death Row Dames team (2006-2011), a shirt and short set from the Tank Girls ...

Hammer City Roller Derby

Head-of-the-Lake Historical Society fonds

  • Fonds
  • 1854-2010

The fonds consists of predominantly textual and graphic materials pertaining to the organization’s exploration, preservation and promotion of local Hamilton history, restoration projects, events, promotional materials and publications. The fonds ...

Head-of-the-Lake Historical Society

Helen E. Nelles

File consists of correspondence between Waldon and Helen E. Nelles, of Niagara Falls, Ontario, on the article in Ontario History on Mary Electa Adams by E. Pomeroy, and on Mrs. Griffith.

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