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Series consists of photographs, negatives and some contact sheets of some public events that took place in Hamilton, Ontario and were photographed by Peter Stevens. The events include the 1999 HamiltonTiger Cats Grey Cup Win and Champion Parade, ...

Non-Human Subjects

Series consists of photographs and negatives of non-human subjects. Examples include but are not limited to, a camera, cats, gloves, the Gore Park Queen Victoria sculpture and a stereo walkman.


Subseries contains photograph negatives as well as publicity material advertising exhibits by local dress designer, Vesna Trkulja.

Private Companies

Subseries consists of photographs, negatives, contact sheets and business marketing brochures of private companies.


Subseries contains a photograph and negatives of the law office of Timely Disclosure.

Public Organizations

Subseries consists of records for public organizations, including the Business Advisory Centre of Hamilton-Wentworth, Hamilton Civic Hospital, the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board, the Henderson Hospital Research Centre, Oakville Galleries...

Advertising and Marketing

Series consists of photographs, negatives and contact sheets, as well as advertising and marketing materials relating to product samples, Broadway Magazine and Film Guide, and graphic design publications.

Hamilton Magazines

Series consists of three magazines, two of which were published by Peter Stevens when he was Photo Editor for Broadway Magazine and The Hammer Magazine. Broadway Magazine (September – October 1993), features a cover photograph taken by Peter Stev...


Subseries contains photographs, negatives and a few contact sheets of musicians and bands, including but not limited to Altogether Morris, Paul Benedetti, Doug Fever, Jim Feeny Band, Junkhouse, Roadside Attraction and Tiny Bill Cody. There are al...

Random Photographs, Negatives and Contact Sheets

Series consists of random photographs taken by Peter Stevens. The images include the exterior of three buildings, the interior of one building and a broken bicycle. The series also consists of various photographic negatives and contact sheets fro...


Subseries contains mostly photographs, negatives and a few contact sheets on politicians Terry Cook, Sheila Copps, David Crombie and former Hamilton Mayor Bob Morrow. The file on Sheila Copps contains photographs as well as some textual document...

Known Subjects

Subseries contains photographs, negatives and contact sheets of individuals known and identified by Peter Stevens.

Robert Livingstone fonds

  • CA ON00131 00961
  • Archief
  • 1922-1923; 1932-1933; 1935-1942; 1946-1960

The fonds consists of 20 handwritten journals that address topics such as the weather, mundane activities of everyday life, and historical events such as royal visits, the Depression, World War Two and the Korean War.

Livingstone, Robert


The series consists of twenty hand-written journals by Robert Livingstone describing his reflections on major events such as royal visits, the Depression, World War Two and the Korean War, as well as entries on the weather, work, home, leisure lif...

Hamilton Poetry Centre fonds

  • CA ON00131 00962
  • Archief
  • 1967; 1971-1972; 1976-1978; 1980-1997

Fonds consists of predominantly textual documents covering the daily operation and activities of the Hamilton Poetry Centre during the 1980s and 1990s. The fonds also consists of audio cassette tapes of recordings of poetry and author readings, a...

Hamilton Poetry Centre

Media Coverage

Series contains local newspaper articles that feature the Hamilton Poetry Centre and local poets, as well as one copy of the New Hamilton Weekly Magazine (December 17, 1990 issue).

Current File

Series includes but is not limited to, correspondence and poems, and was possibly used to house all current papers before they were filed into other more specific subject files at a later date by members of the Hamilton Poetry Centre Executive.


Series consists of one photograph of poet John Robert Colombo and the other is of poet John Newlove.

Audio Recordings

Series consists of 81 audio cassette tapes of poetry and author reading, separated into three boxes. The tapes are listed in the attached finding aid.

Financial Statements

Series consists of documents that pertain to the Hamilton Poetry Centre's finances. Items include budget, expense and account statements, as well as an annual membership form and an un-cashed cheque from the Hamilton and Region Arts Council.


Series consists of general correspondence such as thank you cards and notes, as well as several letters written to members of the Hamilton Poetry Centre Executive, and letters written by members to other organizations and individuals. The letters...

Marketing and Publicity

Series consists of different publicity and marketing documentation used by the Hamilton Poetry Centre to promote their organizational mandate. Items include copies of the Hamilton Poetry Centre’s published newsletter Iambus, 39 posters and flyers...


Series consists of textual documents relating to the Hamilton Poetry Centre’s regular poetry workshops and an Executive workshop. Most of the documents are unpublished poems written and submitted by various individuals.

Poetry Readings

Series consists of records relating to poetry readings hosted by the Hamilton Poetry Centre, including those held externally in different locations in the city of Hamilton, information on the Canada Council Public Readings Program, readings relati...


Series consists of Canada Council Exploration Grant funding documents, including the Hamilton Poetry Centre's applications for funding during the 1980s.

Correspondence and Invoices

Series consists of letter correspondence and order forms correspondence between Grafton & Co. Ltd. and advertising company R.C. Smith & Son. Most of the letters discuss advertising slogans, logos, and information regarding the 90th anniver...

Two water colour scenes.

The left image is titled by artist “Original sketch in Indian Red” dated 1883 and the image on the right is titled “Original sketch in Hookers Green.”

Two water colour scenes of boat in water

The one on the left is titled by the artist “Original sketch in Lamp Black of Burlington Bay” and has an artist note “time 15 minutes” and the image on the right is titled “Original sketch in Bistre, Burlington Bay” and is dated 1883.

Two water colour sketches

The image on the left is titled by the artist “Original sketch in burnt umber on the Marsh” (presumably the Dundas Marsh) and is dated 1883. The image on the right is titled “Original sketch on the St. Lawrence near Brockville in Indigo” dated 1882.

Leaves and branches

Leaves and branches up right side, butterfly on the lower left side, caterpillar on the lower right side, leaves in between.

Pencil and pen sketch of a framed border

Pencil and pen sketch of a framed border with a dragon at the top left-hand corner, branches and leaves extending all the way around. On the back is written “address.”

Deep rich coloured border of triangle shapes

Deep rich coloured border of triangle shapes along the sides and rectangular shapes along the top and bottom. Blue triangles inner top margin, pink triangles inner bottom margin. A single flower in each shape along the outside margins.

A gold border

A single gold line along outside of framework on top and bottom, with white imprints of flower, branches, leaves and butterflies worked throughout a gold frame.

Arrangement of gold leaves with pink

Arrangement of gold leaves with pink and a combination of blue and white flowers surrounding an open concept top with a three-sided frame done in two lines of blue. Writing in pencil appears on back: copied from memory from a calendar at Clerey Mu...

Straight line border with small curves inward

Straight line border with small curves inward, two in the middle of the border line and one at the bottom margin. Line curves outward at top with swirls of blue leaves and two red flowers on either side. Two gold semi-circles on the inside at th...

Flowered border

Along top: pink flowers, along left side: gold flowers, right side: gold flowers, bottom: blue flowers.

Poem titled Capri

Done in red lettering, ivy leaves with blue branches surrounding the word. Three red capitals, three blue capitals, border lines of red and gold, small ivy leaves throughout poem and at bottom. Carolingian hand.

Text in French dialect

Dragon upper right side, flowers down the side across the bottom and top. Two gold lines for a frame. Versal blue “O” with gold background. Carolingian hand.

A poem inscribed to Mrs. W. Bruce

The letters of which are made to look like the bark of a tree. Poem written by John Glasgow, 1880. Decorated with flowers and scroll work. Formal italic hand.

George Webb fonds

  • CA ON00131 01038
  • Archief
  • 1876-1942

The fonds consists of bibles, prayer books, contracts, and Webb's personal diaries, which contain information about his life and work. The fonds is arranged in three series: Bibles, Contacts, and Diaries.

Webb, George Frederick


Series consists of one Holy Bible, which contains details about the Van Sickle family of Lynden; and two pocket-sized prayer books, containing select readings from the BIble.


Series consists of an indenture detailing a contract between the Sonora Mining Company and The Trusts and Guarantees Company Limited (Toronto).


Series contains 32 personal diaries: one dated 1888-1892, and one for each year from 1912 to 1942. The diaries detail Webb's daily life, and contain both personal and work-related information. Some diaries include newspaper clippings, such as...

Tower Poetry Society fonds

  • CA ON00131 01048
  • Archief

The fonds consists of the records of the Tower Poetry Society and contains the following series: administrative records, correspondence, publications and publicity, events and poetry workshops, and the history of the TPS.

Tower Poetry Society

Administrative records

Series consists of the minutes and committee reports of the TPS Board, treasurer reports and financial statements, versions of the Society’s constitution, membership lists and samples of the membership form and brochure, as well as the samples of ...


Series consists of correspondence addressed to TPS executive members, and letters written by TPS executive members to publishers, organizations and poets. The letters predominately relate to promoting the Society’s publication “Tower” to publisher...

Publications and Publicity

Series consists of draft submissions of the Society’s publication the “Tower”, a list of poets that were published in the “Tower”, subscription forms for the “Tower” and other Society publications, the TPS newsletter, as well as press releases, an...

Events and poetry workshops

Series consists of promotional material related to events that the Society hosted such as poetry workshops, speakers, presentations, poetry launches, as well as community events that the Society participated and contributed in organizing. The seri...

Mercury Mills Limited fonds

  • CA ON00131 01104
  • Archief

The donation consists of one scrapbook of letters of thanks received by the employees of Mercury Mills Limited for the company's donation of items during the Second War World.

Mercury Mills Limited

Hamilton Musical Arts Society

  • CA ON00131 01108
  • Archief

The fonds consists of administrative records pertaining to the Hamilton Musical Arts Society; in particular, by-laws, minutes, members lists, performance programs, and press releases.

Hamilton Musical Arts Society fonds (01108)

Administrative Records

Series consists of administrative records such as by-laws, member cards, membership lists and a minute book listing minutes from executive and annual meetings. The series also consists of member newsletters and other correspondence to members pert...


Series consists of performance programs and tickets for performances put on by Hamilton Musical Arts Society.

Royal Court Entertainers

  • CA ON00131 01109
  • Archief

The fonds consists of administrative records pertaining to the Royal Court Entertainers of Hamilton; in particular, membership lists, correspondence, financial records, posters, and newspaper clippings.

Royal Court Entertainers fonds (01109)

Administrative Records

Series consists of administrative records such as a management and member list, and a document detailing distribution of earnings for each of the group members.


Series consists of correspondence related to performances, including logistic information and correspondence related to performance inquiries, such as prices and availability.


Series consists of news clippings and a small poster advertising the Royal Court Entertainers.

Bernie and Elaine Hughes Collection

  • CA ON00131 01110
  • Collectie
  • 1960-2001

The fonds consists of records and artefacts belonging to Elaine & Bernie Hughes and includes the following series: artefacts, audio, personal, photographs, publicity and scrapbooks.


Series consists of various artefacts related to the musical careers of Bernie & Elaine Hughes. The series contains a custom clock with the names Bernie & Elaine around the edges, a Don Messer Memorial Trophy for Fiddle Champion, a Garden o...


Series consists of the audio recordings of Elaine & Bernie Hughes and Smiling Bill McCormack, in various formats. Three sub-series are identified as: CDs, LP (45) and LPs.HPL_01110_00001Bernie & Elaine Hughes – Favourite SongsHPL_01110_000...


Series consists of a certificate for a Gold Record Award, given to Bernie Hughes, and a typed autobiographical document written by Elaine Hughes about her life and musical career.

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