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Series consists of performance programs and tickets for performances put on by Hamilton Musical Arts Society.

Historical Books

Series consists of 2 Stelco Anniversary Books: The 25th Milestone: A Brief History of Stelco the Steel Company of Canada Limited 1910-1935 and 50th Anniversary Issue Stelco Flashes 1910-1960.

Historical Hospital Santa Visit

Material consists of one black and white photograph of a historical hospital visit with the following writing, "Ted Eager, Hugo as Santa, Fred Johnson, Christmas 1935."


Series consists of photographs of Jimmy Lomax, his wife Susan and his son, Ryan, as well as various individuals and events pertaining to the fundraising of his Operation Santa Claus project. This series begins with some historical photographs of ...

Jimmy Lomax fonds

  • collection
  • 1935-2010

The material in the fonds consists of predominantly textual and graphic materials and includes 17 objects. The fonds contains 7 series including, correspondence, newspaper clippings, publicity, artwork, photographs, scrapbooks, and awards and rec...

Lomax, James William

Wright Fruit Company

File consists of photographs of Wright Fruit Company, established in April 1927 by chief shareholders, Solomon Wright and Percy Wright. Wright Fruit Company carried on a wholesale and commission business originally from 25 York Street, with other ...


Series consists of letters written by Hamilton Naturalists’ Club members to specific organizations and individuals, raising concerns over issues such as environmental conservation, the welfare and protection of wildlife, and the hunting, trafficki...

Hamilton Pure Milk Dairies Limited

File consists of photographs of horses and carts from The Pure Milk Company, established in 1901 with John Milne, a manufacturer and politician, as president. Prior to the advent of Pure Milk Company, various small operators handled the distribut...

General Motors Products of Canada

File consists of a photograph of showroom windows for General Motors Products of Canada, 68-72 John Street North, which are painted with signs for Oldsmobile automobiles, and photographs the interior of the General Motors building situated at Geor...


Series consists of scrapbooks containing articles, letters and photographs, documenting the activities of the Princess Margaret Rose Chapter or pertaining to Princess Margaret Rose.

Dr. Nix

Material consists of 2 black and white photographs of Santa Claus visiting a child in the hospital, 1936.

Bequests, Endowments and Funds

Series consists of material related to raising funds for the Club, such as donation and legacy brochures, as well as documentation regarding the Townsend Bequest, and draft policy statements governing future bequests, endowments and funds. This s...

Life Savers & Beech-Nut Sale Company Limited

File consists of photographs of vehicles from Life Savers & Beech-Nut Sale Company Limited, located at 225 Sanford Ave S. Life Savers Limited first operated in Canada at Prescott, Ontario, in 1916. In 1932, Life Savers bought out the Beech-Nu...


Series consists of news clippings and a small poster advertising the Royal Court Entertainers.

Historical Hospital Santa Visit

Material consists of 2 black and white photographs of hospital staff and a child patient, Christmas 1937.

McLaren Motor Sales

File consists of images of McLaren Motor Sales Limited 70 John Street North location and used car department and General Motors factory branch at 175 King Street West.

Royal Court Entertainers

  • CA ON00131 01109
  • collection

The fonds consists of administrative records pertaining to the Royal Court Entertainers of Hamilton; in particular, membership lists, correspondence, financial records, posters, and newspaper clippings.

Royal Court Entertainers fonds (01109)


  • CA ON00131 02-4 - 2-HPL_00507_46
  • Pièce
  • August 5, 1937
  • Fait partie de Bruce Family fonds

Letter together with envelope from Carl Benedicks to Bell Bruce Walkden (sister of Blair Bruce) August 5, 1937


Series consists of correspondence related to performances, including logistic information and correspondence related to performance inquiries, such as prices and availability.

Hamilton Musical Arts Society

  • CA ON00131 01108
  • collection

The fonds consists of administrative records pertaining to the Hamilton Musical Arts Society; in particular, by-laws, minutes, members lists, performance programs, and press releases.

Hamilton Musical Arts Society fonds (01108)

Administrative Records

Series consists of administrative records such as by-laws, member cards, membership lists and a minute book listing minutes from executive and annual meetings. The series also consists of member newsletters and other correspondence to members pert...

Administrative Records

Series consists of administrative records such as a management and member list, and a document detailing distribution of earnings for each of the group members.

War Service records

Series consists of a record of war services rendered and directed by the Hamilton Municipal Chapter, and other IODE war service records, including correspondence and honour rolls, as well as forms pertaining to the war charities act of 1917.


Series consists of reports of the Princess Margaret Rose Chapter, including annual reports and financial statements, educational reports, and membership convener's reports.

Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire. Princess Margaret Rose Chapter


Series consists of scrapbooks, which include photographs, newspaper clippings and other material, documenting the activities of the St. Elizabeth Chapter and highlighting important events, such as the 50th and 60th anniversaries of the chapter.

Mary Elizabeth Blackwood

Material consists of 1 black and white photograph of Nurse Mary Elizabeth Blackwood, also known as "Blackie," 1940s.

Rev. F.L. Barber

File consists of correspondence between Waldon and Rev. F. Louis Barber of Victoria University, Toronto, regarding Victoria University’s holdings.


Series consists of Freda F. Waldon's correspondence regarding Wesleyan Ladies' College, including a letter published in Saturday Night newspaper requesting information about Wesleyan from graduates and descendant of graduates. Correspond...

Waldon, Freda F.

Mercury Mills Limited fonds

  • CA ON00131 01104
  • collection

The donation consists of one scrapbook of letters of thanks received by the employees of Mercury Mills Limited for the company's donation of items during the Second War World.

Mercury Mills Limited

Publicity and Publications

Series consists of the Club's promotional materials such as pamphlets, program guides, flyers, and information guides, as well as radio and news media releases. There are also newspaper clippings written mostly by former Club members George ...

Correspondence and Invoices

Series consists of letter correspondence and order forms correspondence between Grafton & Co. Ltd. and advertising company R.C. Smith & Son. Most of the letters discuss advertising slogans, logos, and information regarding the 90th anniver...

Financial Records

Series consists of documents pertaining to appraisals, audits, budgets, donations, grants, insurance and taxes. Series also contains material related to the RHCM’s fundraising campaign, including financial campaign materials, canvasser information...


Series consists of scrapbooks containing articles related to the Society or its members, as well as articles on various historical landmarks, people, companies, properties and events. There are also newspaper clippings containing articles on a Ha...

Administrative Records

Series consists of records pertaining to the administrative operations of the Head-of-the-Lake Historical Society, including the Society’s Constitution and by-laws, executive officer’s lists, duties and guidelines, minutes for regular, executive a...

Blackie, Santa and M. Payne

Material consists of 1 black and white photograph of nurse Mary Elizabeth Blackwood and nurse M. Payne standing outside the hospital with Santa, 1943.

Ship records

Series consists of the records of the convenor of the H.M.C.S. Suderoy VI (1944). The chapter adopted this ship, which was a minesweeper during the war, and sent shipments to the crew during the year. There is a list of crew members with their age...


Series consists of incoming and outgoing correspondence between the Society and other historical societies and organizations, funding agencies, levels of government, as well as the general public. The series also includes public reference request...

Financial Records

Series consists of records relating to the incorporation of the Society, applications for heritage grant funding, annual financial statements, cash books and a record book of paid membership fees.

Programs and Events

Series consists of records relating to the programs and events held by the Society including its annual Heritage Day Dinner, presentations made to the Society by various speakers from the community on local history topics, day trips and outings to...


Series consists of press releases given to the Hamilton Spectator and other outlets.


Series consists of letters written by Robert Lawrence to his wife, Marion, while he was stationed overseas during the Second World War, and when he was employed as a travelling salesman throughout Southern Ontario. Marion began corresponding with...


Steel paddle steamer measuring 143 x 25 x 7 feet, 303 tonnage, built in 1897 in Levis, Quebec by John Lovett Davie. The vessel was originally named the Champion and sailed the St. Lawrence River as a river boat for most of its career. It then ser...

Robert Lawrence fonds

  • collection
  • 1945-2012

Fonds consists predominantly of original handwritten letters from Robert H. Lawrence, who was stationed in England during the Second World War, to Marion Mortimer of Hamilton, Ontario. The fonds also includes greeting cards, postcards, telegraphs...

Lawrence, Robert

Hobbs Glass Limited

File consists of images of the "Kitchen of Tomorrow" Eaton's display for Hobbs Glass Limited, which was located at 51-53 John Street South.

Annie E. Barker

File consists of correspondence between Waldon and Annie E. Barker, of Toronto, concerning the Act of Incorporation; the time that Annie and her sister, Rose, spent at Wesleyan Ladies’ College and Victoria University; the death of Florence E. Hall...

War Service records

Series consists of honour rolls, commemorative volumes containing information about relatives of members of the General Allenby Chapter who served in the Canadian military. Records include the following information about military personnel: name a...

Family Records

Series consists of obituaries for Robert and Marion, two photographs, as well as two newspaper clippings, one referring to their marriage, the other about Robert receiving his high school diploma 60 years after he graduated.

G.V. Clancy Limited

File consists of photographs of vehicles and facilities of G. V. Clancy Limited, a broom manufacturing company, which was operated by George V. Clancy and located at 18 Haymarket Street, just south of Beckley Street off John Street South. The manu...

Elsie Pomeroy

File consists of a letter from Elsie Pomeroy to George Laidler of Hamilton, inquiring about material on Mary Electa Adams and Wesleyan, and correspondence between Waldon and Pomeroy.

Russell T. Kelley Limited

File consists of photographs of employees at Russell T. Kelley Limited, an advertising agency named after the agency's founder, Russell T. Kelley, who opened the first office at Main and MacNab in 1913. The company later moved to Main Street,...

Employment Documents

Series consists of a salesman route sheet belonging to Robert Lawrence. The sheet records the towns and cities he visited during the month of February 1948, while employed as a travelling salesman for the Life Savers Company.

Committee Records

Series consists of records such as agendas and meeting minutes, guidelines of conduct, correspondence, reports, and publicity materials from the various committees of the Society including the Nominating Committee, June Outing Committee, Historica...

Firth Brothers Ltd.

File consists of photographs pertaining to Firth Brothers clothing store, located at 106 James Street North, where Norman F. Firth began his clothing business in 1909, including a photograph of a tailor and another of an exhibit booth at the 1949 ...

Helen E. Nelles

File consists of correspondence between Waldon and Helen E. Nelles, of Niagara Falls, Ontario, on the article in Ontario History on Mary Electa Adams by E. Pomeroy, and on Mrs. Griffith.

Newspaper Clippings

Series consists of newspaper clippings from various newspapers including the Hamilton Spectator, the Globe and Mail, the Toronto Star, the Hamilton Mountain News, the Dundas Star Journal, the Stoney creek News and the Hamilton Journal, pertaining ...

Dr. William Colgate

File consists of correspondence between Waldon and Dr. Colgate, of Toronto, regarding the history of the college. A clipping with an illustration of the Wesleyan Female College from the Canadian Illustrated News (1863) is included.


Series consists of the organization’s constitution and minutes, as well as correspondence regarding member’s nominations and resignations, and a typed history of the Hamilton Savoyards.

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