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Restoration Projects

Series consists of records relating to the Fountain Foundation subcommittee. The Foundation was established in 1993 between the Society, corporations and members of the general public, in an effort to restore and rebuild the 1850s Gore Park fount...

Advertising and Marketing

Series consists of photographs, negatives and contact sheets, as well as advertising and marketing materials relating to product samples, Broadway Magazine and Film Guide, and graphic design publications.

Associations and Organizations

Series is divided into 6 subseries consisting mostly of photographs and negatives, with a few contact sheets and some textual material. The subseries feature public and private associations and organizations such as educational institutions, Hami...


Series contains The Iroquoia Bruce Trail Club Volunteer of the Year award plaque for 1999 and a plaque from The Bruce Trail Association recognizing The Iroquoia Bruce Trail Club as Trustee of the Escarpment. Series also consists of two Club badge...


Series consists of photographs, negatives and some contact sheets of some public events that took place in Hamilton, Ontario and were photographed by Peter Stevens. The events include the 1999 HamiltonTiger Cats Grey Cup Win and Champion Parade, ...

Awards and Recognition

Series consists of correspondence and a certificate congratulating the Hamilton Naturalists’ Club on receiving the Corporate Partner of the Year Award, Tourism Award of Excellence from the City of Hamilton (June 18, 2001) for their publication Nat...


Series consists of 10 photographs of members of the Iroquoia Bruce Trail Association at various events, as well as a board meeting.

Trail Status Reports

Series consists of status reports submitted by volunteers who walked different sections of the Bruce Trail recording the trail conditions such as garbage, vandalism, broken and fallen trees, exposed roots, and bridges and stairways in need of repa...

Random Photographs, Negatives and Contact Sheets

Series consists of random photographs taken by Peter Stevens. The images include the exterior of three buildings, the interior of one building and a broken bicycle. The series also consists of various photographic negatives and contact sheets fro...


Series consists of one photograph of poet John Robert Colombo and the other is of poet John Newlove.


Series consists of two scrapbooks compiled by Elaine Hughes. Scrapbooks contain photographs, publications, personal letters, greeting cards and newspaper clippings.One scrapbook focuses on material related to the music and career of Elaine and Ber...

Promotional Material

Series consists of 2 drafts of the Grafton & Co. Ltd. logo, 2 victory loan advertisements, 1 war poster, 2 general advertisements, advertisement blurbs, 1 text of 90th Anniversary Souvenir Booklet.


Series consists of photographs, negatives and contact sheets featuring specific places, including parks, recreation centres, shopping districts and weather network stations.

Non-Human Subjects

Series consists of photographs and negatives of non-human subjects. Examples include but are not limited to, a camera, cats, gloves, the Gore Park Queen Victoria sculpture and a stereo walkman.


Series consists of photographs of employees, interior of the mailroom, offices, and Dundas manufacturing plant. Photo studios include: The Roy Studio, bob. brown studios, Bill Barrett, Rapid Grip and Batten Limited, Walker Studio, Donald V. Monk, ...

Audio Visual Material

Series consists of a 13 minute VHS recording of an interview with artist Robert Bateman, conducted by Iroquoia Bruce Trail Club member Raymond Lowes. The interview pertains to the conception of the Bruce Trail, which was an idea conceived by Robe...


Series consists of textual documents relating to the Hamilton Poetry Centre’s regular poetry workshops and an Executive workshop. Most of the documents are unpublished poems written and submitted by various individuals.

Family Photographs and Paintings

Series consists of photographs of various members of the Lewis Family, including a family portrait, as well as photographs of Thomas and Ann Lewis, Eleanor Lewis, Flora Lewis and Julia Arthur. The series also contains 2 miniature framed paintings...

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