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McAfee Family fonds

  • collection
  • 1809-1903

The fonds consists of various military records and correspondence pertaining mostly to members of the McAfee family, particularly Angus, Daniel and Samuel. There is also some later correspondence from Nathaniel Hughson McAfee regarding the records...

McAfee Family

Logie-McQuesten papers

  • CA ON00131 00005
  • collection
  • 1822-1948

Fonds consists of textual records relating predominantly to William Logie (1782-1853) and his son, Alexander Logie (1823-1873), Dr. Calvin McQuesten (1801-1885) an iron founder and manufacturer, and his son, lawyer Isaac Baldwin McQuesten (1847-18...

Logie, Alexander

Bruce Family fonds

  • collection
  • 1832-1927

The fonds consists of papers, sketches, drawings, and photographs associated with William Bruce and his son William Blair Bruce. Series one is William Bruce and series two is William Blair Bruce.

Captain James Sutherland fonds

  • collection
  • 1834-1841

The fonds consists of a cash book including receipts and disbursements for the steamboat Queenston, dated February 5, 1834 to November 28 1834, and for the steamboat Niagara, dated April 6, 1839 to December 23, 1841.

Sutherland, James (Captain)

First Battalion Incorporated Militia Collection

  • collection
  • 1839-1843

The material in the collection consists of various military records including account ledgers, acquittance rolls, clearance returns, general orders, officers’ reports, morning reports, a sick report, court martial proceedings, correspondence, as w...

First Battalion Incorporated Militia

Aged Women's Home fonds

  • collection
  • 1846-1946

The fonds consists of 13 volumes of minute books of the Ladies Benevolent Society, the parent organization of the Aged Women's Home and the Hamilton Orphan Asylum. The minute books date from 1846-1946 and include transactions of society busi...

Ladies Benevolent Society

Hamilton Orphan Asylum fonds

  • collection
  • 1848-1914

The fonds consists of 4 volumes of records pertaining to the Hamilton Orphan Asylum, including 3 volumes of Registers of Names, dated 1848 to 1869, 1848 to 1886, and 1874 to 1914, as well as a volume entitled, Record of Orphan’s Apprenticeships, d...

Hamilton Orphan Asylum

Grafton & Co. Ltd.

  • collection
  • 1853 - 1976

The fonds consists of correspondence concerning the 90th anniversary of the company regarding the draft history entitled "1853 -- 90 Years of Progress -- 1943" pertaining to Grafton & Co. Ltd. office in Dundas. In addition there is ...

Grafton & Co. Ltd.

Head-of-the-Lake Historical Society fonds

  • collection
  • 1854-2010

The fonds consists of predominantly textual and graphic materials pertaining to the organization’s exploration, preservation and promotion of local Hamilton history, restoration projects, events, promotional materials and publications. The fonds ...

Head-of-the-Lake Historical Society

Thomas McIlwraith fonds

  • collection
  • 1860-1899

The fonds consists of two original draft manuscripts written by Thomas McIlwraith, the "Birds of Ontario" and the "Birds Observed in the Vicinity of Hamilton," as well as business postcards from Thomas McIlwraith's merchan...

McIlwraith, Thomas G.

Wesleyan Ladies' College fonds

  • CA ON00131 00079
  • collection
  • 1861-1965

Fonds consists of textual records including written correspondence, graduation and commencement programs, examination questions and essays, diplomas, course catalogues, periodicals, as well as Alumnae Association records, such as annual reports an...

Waldon, Freda F.

Hamilton Cricket Club fonds

  • collection
  • 1862-2003

The material in the fonds consists of bylaws, constitution documents, correspondence, newspaper articles, minute books, and ephemera of the Hamilton Cricket Club.Materials in this fonds is organized into the following series:Series 01 – Archival M...

Hamilton Cricket Club

Registrar of Shipping fonds

  • collection
  • 1869-1962

The fonds consists of one series of ship registration records compiled by the Registrar of Shipping, Hamilton, Ontario. The series includes file level descriptions for 34 vessels that sailed through the Port of Hamilton.ᅠ

Canada. Registrar of Shipping (Hamilton, Ontario)

George Webb fonds

  • CA ON00131 01038
  • collection
  • 1876-1942

The fonds consists of bibles, prayer books, contracts, and Webb's personal diaries, which contain information about his life and work. The fonds is arranged in three series: Bibles, Contacts, and Diaries.

Webb, George Frederick

Hamilton Business College fonds

  • collection
  • 1888-1901

The fonds consists of a Hamilton Business College Register of Students, dated October 1888 to May 1901. The register records the names and addresses of the students, and their choice of course to enroll in, [business, shorthand or spec?]. Later ...

Hamilton Business College

Lewis Family fonds

  • collection
  • 1891-1950

Fonds consists of predominantly graphic materials including family photographs and professional photographs of theatre actress Julia Arthur, as well as a few textual documents pertaining to family records. The fonds consists of 2 series including...

Lewis Family

Thomas Harrison Wilkinson fonds

  • CA ON00131 00351
  • collection
  • 1892

The fonds consists of hand-written notes for a speech on "Hints on how to see Pictures in Nature", given by Thomas Harrison Wilkinson that was read before the Photographic Section on November 25, 1892.

Wilkinson, Thomas Harrison

Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire (IODE) fonds

  • CA ON00131 00952
  • collection
  • 1900-2012

The fonds consists of administrative and other records of the various Hamilton chapters of the Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire (IODE) from 1900 to 2012. The fonds is arranged chronologically by the date of the chapter’s foundation.

Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire (IODE). Wellington Square Chapter

Ancient Order of United Workmen, Lodge No.49 fonds

  • collection
  • 1901-1910

The fonds consists of a minute book recording the meetings of the Ancient Order of United Workmen, Lodge No.49 of Hamilton, Ontario, dated December 1901 to June 1910. The minutes detail the administration of the Lodge through officer duties, appl...

Ancient Order of United Workmen

Thomas L. Kinrade fonds

  • collection
  • 1903

The fonds consists of one series of correspondence and reminiscences. The material is a one-page letter accompanied by four pages of reminiscences written by Thomas L. Kinrade, of Hamilton, Ontario, to W.C. Morton of Hamilton, Ontario.

Kinrade, Thomas L.

Royal Hamilton College of Music fonds

  • CA ON00131 00615
  • collection

The donation consists of letters patent incorporating the Hamilton Conservatory of Music, by-laws and minutes, financial records and statements, insurance, mortgage statements, invoices, quotes for maintenance work, applications, syllabi, reunion ...

Royal Hamilton College of Music

Soldiers' Aid Commission, Hamilton Branch fonds

  • collection
  • 1916-1928

The material in the fonds consists of four volumes of administrative records pertaining to the Hamilton Branch of the Soldiers' Aid Commission. Two of the volumes are attendance books, including an undated book listing all the soldiers who at...

Soldiers' Aid Commission, Hamilton Branch

Hamilton Cotton Company Limited

  • collection

The donation consists of two reports by White, Mossop & Erling Limited Consulting Engineers prepared in 1968 on the proposed specifications of the revisions to power distribution system and alterations to the boiler house for work at the Hamil...

Hamilton Naturalists' Club

  • collection
  • 1919-2012

Fonds consists of predominantly textual materials pertaining to the organization’s conservation projects, programming, public education, promotional materials and publications. The fonds contains eleven series and one subseries including, adminis...

Hamilton Naturalists' Club

Robert Livingstone fonds

  • CA ON00131 00961
  • collection
  • 1922-1923; 1932-1933; 1935-1942; 1946-1960

The fonds consists of 20 handwritten journals that address topics such as the weather, mundane activities of everyday life, and historical events such as royal visits, the Depression, World War Two and the Korean War.

Livingstone, Robert

Hamilton Savoyard Operatic Society fonds

  • 00729
  • collection

The fonds consists of the administrative records and production materials of the Hamilton Savoyard Operatic Society. The fonds includes the following 5 series:Series 1: GovernanceSeries 2: Administrative RecordsSeries 3: CorrespondenceSeries 4: Pr...

Superior Engravers collection

  • CA ON00131 00766
  • Collection
  • 1930-1953

The collection consists of approximately 10,000 photographic negatives of varying sizes, the majority of which are small format, as well as a selection of approximately 800 photographic prints produced by the Hamilton Public Library Local History ...

Superior Engravers

Donald William Adams fonds

  • CA ON00131 00954
  • collection
  • 1930-1939

The fonds consists of 7 envelopes of photographic prints and negatives all relating to the railways in and around Hamilton. Based on their content, the photographs and negatives appear to have been taken in the late 1930s and early 1940s. Image su...

Adams, Donald William

Jimmy Lomax fonds

  • collection
  • 1935-2010

The material in the fonds consists of predominantly textual and graphic materials and includes 17 objects. The fonds contains 7 series including, correspondence, newspaper clippings, publicity, artwork, photographs, scrapbooks, and awards and rec...

Lomax, James William

Royal Court Entertainers

  • CA ON00131 01109
  • collection

The fonds consists of administrative records pertaining to the Royal Court Entertainers of Hamilton; in particular, membership lists, correspondence, financial records, posters, and newspaper clippings.

Royal Court Entertainers fonds (01109)

Hamilton Musical Arts Society

  • CA ON00131 01108
  • collection

The fonds consists of administrative records pertaining to the Hamilton Musical Arts Society; in particular, by-laws, minutes, members lists, performance programs, and press releases.

Hamilton Musical Arts Society fonds (01108)

Hamilton Active Service Canteen fonds

  • collection
  • 1941-1946

The material in the fonds pertains to the Hamilton Active Service Canteen, run by volunteers for service members stationed in Hamilton, or on leave from active duty, during the Second World War. The material consists of meeting minutes, canteen ad...

Active Service Canteen

Mercury Mills Limited fonds

  • CA ON00131 01104
  • collection

The donation consists of one scrapbook of letters of thanks received by the employees of Mercury Mills Limited for the company's donation of items during the Second War World.

Mercury Mills Limited

Robert Lawrence fonds

  • collection
  • 1945-2012

Fonds consists predominantly of original handwritten letters from Robert H. Lawrence, who was stationed in England during the Second World War, to Marion Mortimer of Hamilton, Ontario. The fonds also includes greeting cards, postcards, telegraphs...

Lawrence, Robert

Tower Poetry Society fonds

  • CA ON00131 01048
  • collection

The fonds consists of the records of the Tower Poetry Society and contains the following series: administrative records, correspondence, publications and publicity, events and poetry workshops, and the history of the TPS.

Tower Poetry Society

Bernie and Elaine Hughes Collection

  • CA ON00131 01110
  • Collection
  • 1960-2001

The fonds consists of records and artefacts belonging to Elaine & Bernie Hughes and includes the following series: artefacts, audio, personal, photographs, publicity and scrapbooks.

Iroquoia Bruce Trail Association fonds

  • CA ON00131 00919
  • collection
  • 1962-2019

The fonds consists of the Club's meeting minutes, trail status reports, publications, scrapbooks, artifacts such as plaques and badges, photographs and an audio-visual recording of an interview with artist Robert Bateman regarding the concept...

Iroquoia Bruce Trail Club

Michael Johnstone Fonds

  • collection
  • 1973-2011

The fonds is composed of materials from lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ+) organizations in Hamilton and its surrounding areas founded from the 1970’s to the 1990’s. Textual materials include agendas, meeting minutes, reports,...

Johnstone, Michael

Opera Hamilton fonds

  • 00910
  • collection

The fonds consists of the administrative records of Opera Hamilton, and includes the following 5 series: Administrative Records, Hamilton Opera Guild, History of Opera Hamilton, Opera Productions, and Publicity.

Opera Hamilton

Peter Stevens fonds

  • CA ON00131 00958
  • collection
  • 1981-2006

The fonds consists of predominantly graphic materials, including photographs and negatives of individuals, organizations, places, events, and non-human subjects, along with some textual documents consisting mostly of advertising and marketing mate...

Stevens, Peter, 1963-2015

Hamilton Poetry Centre fonds

  • CA ON00131 00962
  • collection
  • 1982-2004

Fonds consists of predominantly textual documents covering the daily operation and activities of the Hamilton Poetry Centre, including poetry readings and workshops, during the 1980s, 1990s and early 2000s. The fonds also consists of audio casset...

Hamilton Poetry Centre

Bruce William New fonds

  • CA ON00131 01120
  • collection

The fonds consists of three computer typed manuscripts written by Bruce New. The first manuscript is entitled "Down to the Pub" a memoir of the Gown and Gavel Pub former located at 24 Hess Street South in Hamilton. The second manuscript ...

New, William Bruce

Graeme MacKay political sketches

  • CA ON00131 00955
  • Collection
  • 1997-2000

The collection consists primarily of political cartoons drawn by Graeme MacKay for The Hamilton Spectator. Topics covered in the cartoons are wide-ranging, and involve many political issues facing Canada, Ontario and the city of Hamilton. All of t...

MacKay, Graeme

Hammer City Roller Derby fonds

  • collection

Donation consists of league programs, posters, hand bills, publicity files, and uniforms of the Hammercity Roller Derby league. The uniforms include a blue shirt from the Death Row Dames team (2006-2011), a shirt and short set from the Tank Girls ...

Hammer City Roller Derby

Postcard Collection

  • CA ON00131 HPL_PC
  • Collection
  • 1900s-2000s

The Postcard Collection is an artificial collection consisting of over 800 postcards documenting the City of Hamilton and surrounding areas. The collection has been arranged by subjects into 32 series: Advertising, Aldershot, Ancaster, Bartonville...

Brookes, Ivan S.

  • collection

The fonds consists of Ivan Brookes’ unpublished manuscript for Hamilton Harbour 1826-1901, two Stelco anniversary booklets: The 25th Milestone: A Brief History of Stelco the Steel Company of Canada Limited 1910-1935 and 50th Anniversary Issue Stel...

Hamilton Opera Company

  • 00036
  • collection

The fonds consists of records of the Hamilton Opera Company, and includes the following four series: Administrative records, correspondence, production and publicity.